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Nursing Necklaces for Breastfeeding babies and Toddlers

My baby is now 22 months old and I am proud to say we are still breastfeeding. In an age where breasts are bad for business and where women are supposed to wean and gain control by 6 months ready to get back into the work place, I decided I wanted to do something more to support other breastfeeding mums. As soon as my little one turned one year old, sadly, I felt the need to hide away from the public eye because she was getting older, most other mums around me had stopped feeding by six months and I felt people might judge me and wonder why I have not weaned her off the breast particularly as she was eating food. I almost felt like I was doing something wrong yet in heart I knew I was doing everything right and what came most natural to me. So I carried on. I made an effort not to hide away from the public eye so that I could be seen breastfeeding an older baby and help to normalise it. Half my problem was that I had not seen anyone else feed an older baby or toddler in public before. Even with this in mind I still found it hard and even more difficult to be discreet when little one started fidgeting lots and playing with ‘the other one' as she grew older. I didn't pay much attention to this in the privacy of my own home but when we were out in public and she was growing into a bigger baby who had hair, teeth, was walking and talking and was breastfeeding noticeably I need to distract her somehow. She did start to attract attention and that made me feel uncomfortable because I knew that other people might be uncomfortable with it. I am quite sensitive and so I needed to do something to make it a little less obvious. I noticed my baby would fidget less when she was occupied. I tried tapping her other hand and doing ‘high fives' but this would only work for a short time before she insisted on playing with the other one. If I removed her hand away from the other one she would then unlatch and change boobs so that she could feed from ‘the other one' because she didn't like being told she could not have it. Then we would have the whole scenario again with the boob she had just unlatched from. It was slightly annoying.

Lisa Matthews Jewellery (that's me!) has been designing and making beautiful beaded jewellery for weddings and all special occasions for the last 10 years and after having my baby in 2010 and beginning my breastfeeding journey , I thought I would design some pretty nursing necklaces. I am slightly bias but I love them and they have saved me many embarrassing moments in public.

My nursing necklaces, handmade by me, are very pretty with a beaded necklace and detachable bracelet part which can be worn as a reminder bracelet ready for the next feed. You just wear it on the wrist that correlates to the breast you want to feed from next time. Thankfully, since I have been doing this I don't have any more issues with being ‘lop-sided' now that I have a bracelet to remind me. My baby loves the variety of different colours, shapes, sizes and textures that each bead gives her and amazingly they retain her full attention during a feed. The beads I use are natural semi-precious stones and each one is knotted on by hand safely and securely. The threading material has been tried and tested and is very strong and robust.

I can't say that this has stopped other people from noticing I am breastfeeding my toddler and that's not the point of it really either but, what it has done is calmed my little one down during a feed by distracting her so that it's not completely obvious to everyone around me and that makes me feel more comfortable and less anxious about breastfeeding in public, which every mum has a right to do.

For more information, please visit this articles web page.
This article was published on Monday 12 March, 2012.
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