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Men Buying Jewellery Gifts for Women

For men, buying jewellery gifts for women can be quite a daunting task because an item of jewellery is usually a very personal choice and it has to be right. Women tend to know instantly if they like something or not, so for a man choosing jewelry gifts for her the pressure is on and there is no room for a mistake. You will be able to tell instantly if you have scored a goal or not - it's all in her face as she opens her present! The trick to buying jewellery for women is all about how well you know someone and you need to carefully consider the following points in order for you to get it right and buy her the perfect jewellery gift...

What jewellery would she normally buy for herself? What type of jewellery is she normally attracted to? Think about if she has a preference towards gold or silver or lots of colour. Does she have expensive taste where anything less than diamonds would be frowned upon or is she far more fashion and colour conscious? Does she generally wear discrete and delicate jewelry or is she someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and wear daring, bold and statement pieces? Does she wear lots of open neck tops and do you see her wearing necklaces with these tops? Or, does she wear high neck tops often where a necklace wouldn't be seen but a pair of long drop earrings might? What colours do you see her wearing mostly?

Is her shopping normally inspired by what she sees in a magazine or on TV and does she yearn for the latest must-have items? Does she wear a particular colour often and does she ever comment that she doesn't have anything to wear with it (this is usually a good clue)?

Has she ever walked past a jewellery shop and said "oh, I really like that" where you have just carried on walking? Can you remember the item she was pointing at, you were supposed to!

Does she like to wear necklaces, bracelets, earrings? Or perhaps she likes to wear matching jewellery sets. If she is the type who likes to match it would be wrong to choose her a beautiful necklace only to leave the matching earrings behind in the shop, she will only go back and try to buy them for herself later.

Consider her age. Some older women are paranoid of their neck areas believing it to look wrinkly and saggy, like a ducks waddle, and she will want to avoid drawing attention to it at all costs. You and others probably wonder what on earth the fuss is all about but for her it's quite a big thing. So, in this case, steer clear of short necklaces and opt for a long necklace which will draw onlooker's attention down away from her neck area.

If you are buying for an elderly lady she might have problems with the fastenings and it would be better to choose a lariat necklace which is easily assembled and does not have a lock, it is simply wrapped around her neck. Likewise, If a woman lives alone carefully choose her something where the lock is easily fastened because it's easy to become frustrated with a lock that you can't manage to secure on your own.  

Now, after these thought provoking questions you might have a better idea of what to buy for her, turn your attention to the jewellery item you think she might like most. Is it a piece which is suited for a particular special occasion or is it something she will be able to wear often? Women like to get their money's worth and if you can choose something which not only looks special and elegant and ideal for wearing to a special event but also something that is quite versatile and will go with many outfits and looks fitting for any time of day with a neutral colour that will compliment most of her wardrobe attire, then you are surely onto a winner.

Men, you do have a hard task ahead of you and this is crunch time, the amount of attention you have paid to her over the years is about to be revealed so be brave, be bold and don't be tight!

For more information, please visit this articles web page.
This article was published on Tuesday 15 December, 2009.
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