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Crystal Heart Drop Earrings (Siam Red) - Bespoke
Crystal Heart Drop Earrings (Siam Red) - Bespoke
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About Us

Beach Hut in Koh Chang, Thailand - Business Planning

Lisa Matthews has been designing and making beautiful jewellery since 2003 and developed this gorgeous website in 2009. Lisa Matthews Jewellery represents great customer satisfaction, individual friendly service, attention to detail, prompt delivery times, professionalism and trustworthiness. We want all our customers to be 100% happy with their purchases from this site and we work closely with our customers, giving personal attention and service to ensure that happens. Our jewellery is beautiful and the components we use sparkle and shine much brighter than our photographs can illustrate. We hope you enjoy wearing your chosen special piece!

Our Lisa Matthews

My love for jewellery making began in 2003 during a six month trip to Thailand. I came across a local lady making and selling her own jewellery on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. At the time I was looking for a funky ankle chain to accessorize my bikini and flip flops, one that was both pretty and durable in the sea. I found exactly what I was looking for and I was so impressed by the jewellery she had designed that we began chatting about jewellery techniques and not only did we become good friends but she also taught me how to make my own jewellery, right there on the beach! From this moment until today I have been totally addicted and dedicated, travelling the world for different materials to use and turning my hobby into a successful business. The result of much hard work, adventure and fun is a unique collection of jewellery that has been developed and created on many beautiful beaches over the years. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, listening to each wave lapping over the shore and sitting on the balcony of my simplistic beach hut built on stilts, I created Lisa Matthews Jewellery - beautiful jewellery for weddings and all special occasions.

Bead Shopping in Thailand with my Friend, YiuOver the years I have created many different jewellery designs which appeal to all ages and are suitable for many different special occasions including weddings, proms, parties, balls, dance competitions, birthdays and anniversaries. I am consistent in using a combination of Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones because I believe these materials add sparkle, beauty, exclusivity and prestige. I insist on using genuine, natural freshwater pearls where each individual pearl is unique from all others. I won't compromise on quality as my customers deserve the very best. I travel the world in seach of these materials and I visit bead shops in many tropical destinations, it's my favourite part of my job. Each piece I make is unique in its own right and I can make anything from a simple, delicate bracelet to an extravagant and statement necklace which really makes heads turn. You can find my statement pieces on my Exclusive Designs or Glitzy Crystal Jewellery page and if you would like a piece made especially for you I do offer a bespoke service. I have found lots of inspiration on the TV show Strictly Come Dancing and I have created a stunning collection of jewellery with this in mind including gorgeous crystal rings, crystal necklaces, crystal bracelets and crystal earrings. You can find these items, all dazzling with sparkle (perfect under the spot light), bright colours and extravagant styles, on my Glitzy Crystal Jewellery page. If you have a dance costume or party dress and you are trying to match it to jewellery but can't quite find what you are looking for, why not take advantage of my bespoke service and send me a picture or fabric sample so I can create something especially for you.

Wedding Jewellery, Tiaras & Hair Accessories, Bridesmaids Jewellery, Mother of the Bride

Exhibiting at the British Bridal Exhibition, Harrogate

After supplying my unique brand of wedding jewellery to many bridal boutiques throughout the country and having my own jewellery boutique in Sussex for two years I understand the importance of getting to know what a bride wants for her big day. If you want your wedding jewellery and tiara to match or compliment the detail in your wedding dress I can do that! I'll also add an intricate or subtle mixture of Freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals to add prestige and sparkle. I have some lovely accessories for Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride too. I can colour match Swarovski crystals to any bridesmaid dress or mother of the bride attire so that a special gift for them can be combined with something they can wear on the day. I have accessorised 1000's of bride's outfits over the years and have a wonderful portfolio of gorgeous ‘Lisa Matthews' brides. My unique designs of bridal jewellery and bridal accessories have found their way onto the pages of numerous wedding magazines and have gained much interest from the press. If you know what you are looking for but can't quite find it on this site email me with your ideas and I will see if I can bring them to life.

Fashion Jewellery

My Fashion Jewellery items are designed for everyday wear; they are pretty, fashionable and have proved popular amongst all ages. These necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings are available in 10 different colours and are made from a combination of little semi-precious stone beads such as amethyst, rose quartz, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, red garnet, gold sandstone, tiger eye, black onyx, mother of pearl, red coral, fluorite, carnelian, hematite, peridot and turquoise amongst others. These items also contain little freshwater pearls and 4mm Swarovski crystals to add colour and a touch of sparkle which means they look great both dressed up and dressed down.

Beachwear Jewellery

This collection has a very ‘holiday jewellery' feel to it and contains informal and relaxed beaded jewellery items made from natural materials of the ocean such as Mother of Pearl, shells, freshwater pearls and even Paua shell from the shores of New Zealand! Here you can enjoy browsing jewellery I have discovered along my travels being made by many talented and interesting people, brought to you from many beaches around the world. perfect for your summer holiday, a beach wedding or even your honeymoon! You can even buy an ankle chain, just like the ones I first learned how to make on the beach in Thailand. many of these items are metal-free (non-allergic) so you can enjoy wearing them for a longer time without the concern of having a reaction. Some items contain silver, like the Paua shell pieces and I especially love these items for their beautiful combination of vibrant colours such as turquoise, aquamarine, violet and mint. Paua Shell is also known as abalone in other parts of the world but, the best quality and most vibrantly coloured by far, is what I have found in New Zealand. I travel far and wide to bring my customers the very best pieces! You will also find some items in this collection which I have made myself using Paua shell beads, these are unique, one of a kind pieces I hope you enjoy browsing.

Ethnic Jewellery

This collection has been inspired by my travels within the Nepalese Himalaya's where many ethnic tribes of Tibetan origin reside. The Tibetans traditionally wear necklaces made from a combination of red coral and turquoise stones. In Tibetan Buddhism it is believed the turquoise stone has the ability to protect the wearer from evil spirits, eliminate disease and prolong life and is a symbol of wealth bringing good fortune. The combination of bold and striking colours such as reds and blues, embedded within silver beads really create an impact and make a bold statement.

Crystal Healing Jewellery

There is something about gemstones which is really special. Perhaps it's their healing qualities, their spiritual appeal, their lucidity or perhaps their stunning and natural beauty. Whatever it is that draws me to these fabulous materials I just can't help buying them and turning them into something truly special. In this collection you will find many simple and pretty items designed for regular wear, not too flambouyant and just adding a touch of colour around your neckline, such as a pretty, green fluorite heart-shaped pendant on silver chain or a rose quartz dolphin pendant on a silver chain. If you know what gemstone you are looking for there is a dedicated search box under the main categories where you can view items made with amber, lemon topazcitrine, labradorite, smokey quartz and moonstone for example.

Seasonal Colours

As the seasons change and a new one feels like it is beginning we tend to intuitively wear colours appropriate for that season. In March when spring flowers start to make an appearance and we feel as though winter is finally coming to an end we tend to opt for lighter palate colours. Summer is the time for brighter colours, fuchsias, turquoises and is the time for showing off and wearing brightly coloured statement pieces. Autumn feels like dressing us in sunset reds, leafy greens, terracotta oranges and favourite browns. Cosy winters draw us towards darker shades of greys, navy blues, blacks, amethysts and burgundy's. Under each subcategory of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter you will find delicious jewellery items to inspire you for that particular season. Don't forget, once you know what particular colour you feel like wearing you can browse my Bridal, Bridemaids and Mother of the Bride collections to find a style you like and then have it made in your choice of colour. You don't have to be getting married to have something made especially for you! 

Nursing Necklaces

Our lovely breastfeeding mummy customers love our exclusive range of handmade beaded nursing necklaces becasue they give baby something interesting to focus on during a feed. Our nursing necklaces are vibrant in terms of colour, texture, different shapes and sizes and use natural materials such as semi-precious stones. Each bead is safely knotted on securely and the loop part of the necklace can later be detached and worn as a reminder bracelet.

Remembrance Jewellery

We are honoured to be working closely with The Miscarriage Association in provided a personalised service to parents who have sadly lost a baby during pregnancy. Lisa Matthews Jewellery hand makes special remembrance bracelets with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals in 12 different colours where each colour represents a birthstone for a months a baby was born or was due to be born.

Fingerprint Jewellery

We are delighted to soon be offering special personalised fingerprint jewellery, handmade silver pendants with yours or a loved ones fingerprint, a special keepsake to be kept and cherished forever. These are popular with newly wed brides and grooms, new paretns wanting to preserve an early memory, gifts to close relatives and friends and sadly; memorials for those who have or are soon to depart us.


Today, I base myself from my home in West Sussex, nestled between the scenic South Downs and a few miles from the beach, which gives me the opportunity to make bespoke jewellery orders and create new and exciting designs in a calm and relaxed environment. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and if you need further information feel free to contact me by telephone, mail or email and i'll happily discuss your wedding ideas or perhaps a colourful piece you would like made especially for you.

I hope you enjoy wearing your jewellery as much as I have enjoyed designing and making them.

My husband & business partner, Lee Matthews


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Amethyst & Sea Shell Beachwear Necklace
Amethyst & Sea Shell Beachwear Necklace
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